Perfect way to get you into the Christmas spirit - cannot recommend it enough!
— Deck the Hallmark Podcast

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About Mister Christmas

Ryan Conners lost his job, lost his wife, and his hope

With the holidays weeks away, Ryan finds himself alone in a bar, nursing the Christmas blues. That's when a mysterious stranger by the name of "Nick" offers him a job - help create a real life Santa Claus!

In this heartwarming story, Ryan must overcome his callous spirit in order to turn a run-down warehouse into a thriving toy factory. Along the way, he must also face his own broken past and ruined relationships in order to keep the factory - and the community - afloat.

Mister Christmas is a modern holiday tale that will leave you grinning from ear to ear! In addition to your purchase, you will have access to the Mister Christmas Audiobook, an immersive experience featuring voice over artists and podcasters who bring the story to life!

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Run time approx. 90 minutes

I just finished Mister Christmas... terrific book!
— Christmas Clatter Podcast

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