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Kyle R. Bullock



Hi there, my name is Kyle Bullock and I am a writer, speaker, and entrepreneur who loves to create experiences that bring people together.


My work started with an idea for a single short story, and has turned into a rich, diverse, fulfilling mission.

That story became a novel, The Coward, and that novel became an Amazon Bestseller. After the book’s release, I realized how fulfilling creating something like that could be. Years later I realized it was fulfilling because it brought talented people into my world and gave readers something to talk about, share, and experience in their lives.

My work was about life, love, and family - things that audiences were yearning for.

Since then, I have made it my mission to help people create unforgettable relationships and moments together by celebrating life, love, and family the way we were meant to enjoy them. From books, to plays, to podcasts, and design my passion is igniting that spark of joy that occurs when we unite in community.


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Emcee CAD/CAD Challenge, The Atlanta Jewelry Show


Emcee CAD/CAD Challenge, The Atlanta Jewelry Show

JUNE 16-21, 2019 - LUBBOCK, TX
Emcee, Summer Excitement Youth Camp

JULY 20, 2019 - ROSWELL, NM
Emcee, WWOB Playwright Festival 2019

Cosmo - Singing in the Rain
Way Way Off Broadway Theater Co.

Lead actor for 2 seasons, produced by Boyd Barrett
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Books, plays, podcasts, and more! Check out my selection of current and upcoming published works, including my Amazon Bestselling Book, The Coward.

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Check out my work as a custom jewelry expert. I do it all, from Sketch to CAD Designs, Custom Assembled Pieces, to finished diamond jewelry.

My family has been active in the jewelry industry for 4 generations. We’ve passed down our signature passion for relationships, service, and excellence for over 90 years! Today, we manage several jewelry companies, including Bullock’s Jewelry and The Jewelry Box Company.

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