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The Jewelry Industry’s Leading Magazine

We worked with Kyle, he was knowledgeable and extremely helpful in guiding us through the process of buying the perfect ring together!
— Samantha P. - Englewood, CO

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The way jewelry shopping should be…

I am a storyteller, first and foremost, and I believe that jewelry is one way to create a story that lasts a lifetime.

The jewelry industry has been wrought with intimidating tactics, unethical practices, and manipulative strategies. But things are changing, and I’m proud to be on the front lines of that change.

So let me bust a few jewelry myths for you:

  • Jewelry doesn’t have to be expensive to be awesome.

  • Wedding and engagement rings don’t have to have diamonds.

  • A gem doesn’t have to be rare to bring value.

  • Most importantly: Jewelry isn’t about the jewels, it’s about the person wearing them.

My goal, and my passion, every time is to help you find a way to express your heart and your feelings to the person who means the world to you. I am a storyteller, so I want to help you craft an unforgettable story!

On top of that, I want to deliver a product that has been ethically sourced, responsibly delivered, and crafted to last a lifetime.

No matter the size, scope, or budget we can make something together that will be cherished for a lifetime.

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